Terms and Conditions for Luarena O'Sullivan Photography

At Luarena O'Sullivan Photography we like to keep things simple, however, we do need to cover the basics to keep you, and us, safe.

We offer portrait photography sessions for anyone that would like to book in with us. We offer commercial photography too.

We edit and show our clients the selected best images from any session, using our expertise and creativity.

Clients are free to choose what to purchase from their session, there is no pressure or obligation outside of the session fee.

Payments must be made in full before any products are released.  Payments accepted are: cash, credit/debit card (in person only), bank transfers and cheque.

Ownership/copyright of all images remains with Luarena O'Sullivan Photography even when digital files are purchased. In this case copyright is released for printing/shared with the client.

In light of new data protection rules (May 2018) we would like to make the following information clear regarding our data and privacy policy:

1) We don't share any of your data with any thrid party unless you have expressly agreed to it. The only circumstances where this happens in our business is where digital image files have been purchased and an online gallery generated with One Vision printing labs, and in sharing a Dropbox folder with you.. In this case we enter your name and email address only.   We never sell, rent or otherwise share your informaion with anyone else except as reasonbly necessary to provide products or services to you as detailed.

2) We collect your personal information/contact details for reasons of Legitimate Interest to respond to your enquiries and deliver our service to you. WE may collect your Name, email address, telephone number, address and babies date of birth for use to book your session and for you to be able to buy from us.  We are happy to remove your information if you request us to do so at any time. 

3) Your contact information might be used, if you give us permission, to contact you about our business. With offers, a newsletter or other information about Luarena O'Sullivan Photography. Permission is asked for on our order forms for you to tell us. You may let us know at any time that you wish to change this.

4) We will show you/destroy/amend your data if you wish us to at any time, please contact us for info, exceptions to this would be order information required by law to be kept for HMRC.  

5) You may ask us at any time to show you what data we are holding about you.

6) Luarena Durston is Data Controller and Data Processor for Luarena O'Sullivan Photography.

If you have any other questions for us pelase don't hesitate to give us a ring or drop us a line!


07791 442 209